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Have a searchlight sitting around that you want to sell?  Or are you ready to upgrade your batman light? We buy and sell USA made searchlights and will come and see what type of light you have and make a cash offer. If you purchased a building and see something a four beam on top of the building that rotates and lights up then we are interested in buying your search light. We can buy non working lights also or help you fix yours to get your promotion up and running. Did you rent skytrackers and are looking to retire or tired of running around at night trying to get the spot light running. Call us for a fair price: 407-354-2300.


Brands of Lights We Buy and Rent:


  • Skytracker

  • Sky Tracker

  • Sky Cannon

  • Skycannon

  • Skycanon


  • Adlight

  • BeamDancer

  • Strong Lighting

  • Pro Light


We are here to help and get you a fair price to buy your light or sell you one of ours. We sell new or used lights and can service what we sell. We also buy lamps for the skytracker search lights and give you advice on the searchlight rental business. Single Beam Promotional lights and party events need that Hollywood effect to get the wow factor, so phone us to sell your light or buy our searchlights or get a nightly rental price and we will rent you our search light.


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If You Own a Skytracker, Sky Cannon, Adlight, BeamDancer, Strong Lighting Equipment or Pro Light Searchlight or Spotlight and Wish to Sell or Trade, Contact Us Today. If You are Trying to Sell Your Outdoor Advertising & Searchlight Rental Business, Talk to Us First. We Buy, Sell and Trade Searchlight Equipment.  We Also Sell New SkyTracker Searchlights if You Wish to Own Your Own Spotlights to Advertise Your Business More Effectively!


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